Thursday, April 12, 2012

Back With a Whimper

Well, after my long hiatus, you'd think I could come up with something better than the azalea bush for the 1000000th time. Nope! Thanks so much to those who missed me. I just got distracted and busy with other things for a while, but exciting me and my exciting azalea are back!

Where to begin. Well, the outfit. That's one of the far too many +J jackets I bought from Uniqlo. +J is gone now, but has been replaced by Undercover by Jun Takahashi, which is very different, but also great. The pants--I stopped by H&M recently to see the latest Conscious Collection. I didn't like it very much. Some things looked exactly like the ones from last year, and a lot of it looked cheap. Then I saw the (non-Conscious Collection) pants and thought it was an interesting jacquard, so I tried them on. While in the dressing room, I realized with a faint shock of horror that they were kitteh print, or kitteh jacquard, I guess. Now, I broke my lifetime kitteh print ban when I bought the Versace for H&M leopard uterus sunset skirt, but that was a special case. But apparently once you break a ban, all hell breaks loose. So now I have kitteh pants.

I was in New Orleans last weekend for a friend's wedding on Saturday. I met a lot of interesting people on Sunday. By interesting I mean Confederacy of Dunces type interesting. I suppose it was because I was wandering around the Quarter, with Lou, aimless and kind of lost, on Easter.

French Quarter last Monday

I wish I had pictures of the people I met. There was a giant drag queen and her beau in their Sunday best, she said Lou would make a nice hat. They walked into a bar ahead of me, and as they entered, the bartender threw his hands straight up in the air and announced, "Mama and Daddy are here!" There was a man dressed entirely in purple--purple leather suit, shoes, shirt, tie, and a woman dressed entirely in bright blue, with a sparkling blue turban and blue eyeshadow too.

Lou made many friends. A man in a Harrah's uniform became upset when I told him Lou was neutered. "But He Needs. To Make Babies!", he repeated over and over. I kept saying I AGREE! But there's not a lot I can do about it? Mr. Harrah's just shook his head in disgust.

I think my favorite Easter friend was a somewhat (okay, totally) creepy man who first complimented Lou and then took my hand and imprisoned it between his sweaty ones, and told me, "You have Beautiful Italian Eyes!". Now, you might think I should have been appalled by Mr. Sweaty Prison-Palms, and I kind of was, but I was also very pleased to be assigned an ethnicity, rather than quizzed about one. I wish everyone would do this. It was so much more entertaining, plus it felt great to be Italian. Maybe I am! How can you really be sure about these things? So if, at any time in the future, you feel the urge to ask someone about their origins, I strongly suggest you try this approach. Just decide for them. "My goodness! You are the blondest Nigerian I have met in a while!", or "So why did you leave the rainforest and move to Cleveland?" You might be right, and if you're not, everyone will be confused and entertained, and everyone wants to be confused and entertained, that's why people drink. Let me know how it goes, and a belated Happy Easter to you!

+J Jil Sander for Uniqlo wool jacket, H&M pants, random beater tank, Zara booties, vintage Karlsruhe enamel pendant


JB April 16, 2012 at 8:26 PM  

The truth has finally come out as to why this blog is so good....cuz you're Italian! Actually, the word "blog" comes from the Italian word...ah forget it. Welcome back!

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